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Jul 10, - Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno are walking around the forest when all the sudden they After some fighting and other stuff without sex.

Pamela gay santon Naruto gay fanfic X Male Reader: Occult Detective Authors Note: This took a while, And also this is a somewhat One-Shot.

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Then, while its playing, come back naruto gay fanfic read this pin. Hope you all enjoy! This gay japanese porn a yaoi fic with 2 gay teenagers doing it The tenth day, of the tenth month, in the ten year of a millenium.

It only comes around once every years It also happens to be Naruto's birthday. Sakura had this big party planned out for Naruto.

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Not because she really cared that it was the baka's 17th birthday. She more cared about having a huge party. Don't get the naruto gay fanfic idea, she loved Naruto like a brother, but she loved planning parties like a secret love obsession. The whole was invited, right down to former teachers and neighborhood kids.

This was going to be a birthday party Naruto would always remember. There would be streamers and ckae and hot music. But most naruto gay fanfic all, Naruto would remember this party because what Naruto didn't know was that Sasuke was back in manga gay sex.

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Uchiha Sasuke was NAruto and Sakura's best friend. But the raven haired man had to move away almost 2 years ago because of some family business, leaving his friends behind.

fanfic naruto gay

And sure Sakura used to havea major crush on the kid -come on who wouldn't have a crush on the sexiest kid in naruto gay fanfic But Sakura didn't feel that way anymore. She was gay jew personals and smarter now. She could get whoever wanted her. Why fanfi for some egotistical bastard who treated her like crap naruto gay fanfic the bottom of a hobo's shoe? So why was Sakura so happy about Sasuke coming home? Easy, Naruto had fallen in love with him.

It was kind of hard to explain how it all happened and how Sakura found out, but Sakura was so happy that Naruto had fanifc someone other than her to naruto gay fanfic over. After Narutl had moved away, Sakura thought she would be the most depressed thing to walk around Konoha. Well, as you can so guess, apparently not. Naruto was like an emo depressed ball of woe and sorrow.

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God, he barely got up some days. He wouldn't smile as much as before, which before used to be a huge grin for every moment he wasn't ranting about naruto gay fanfic stupid. After a month, then two months, then five months, well, Sakura was sick of that quiet and pensive Naruto gay fanfic.

Sure, at first it was almost pleasent. But her best friend wasn't talking to her for months fwnfic it bothered the ganfic out of her. So Sakura and her ever awesome skills of sneaky behaviour, went to Naruto's apartment while he was out with the guys, idiot had naruto gay fanfic to lock his door He lived in the city for god's sake, didn't he realize someone could just walk right black gay honcho She searched his room for something that ffanfic clue her in as to waht was happening to the blonde blue eyed idiot she called her figurative brother.

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That's when she found a jornal cough-diary under Naruto's pillow. She opened up to a random page, it happened to be a week before Sasuke left. It sounded like her diary whenever she was in love, but more passionate Sakura flipped some fanfoc pages ahead nifty gay site nearly naruto gay fanfic a nose bleed when she read a entry from naruto gay fanfic few weeks before.

gay fanfic naruto

Naruto had admitted to loving Sasuke. He even wrote down some things he experienced in a wet dream, hence why she almost had a nose bleed.

fanfic naruto gay

She was a Yaoi fan, so shoot her. It's hot as hell!

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gau And Sasuke, tails gay porn sexy beast he is, being topped by the beautiful and sweet Naruto Not that Sakura would out right say it, she naruto gay fanfic still find it unbearably sexy.

And by all means of her life, she would get them together. Mostly because she thought it was hot, but because she fanffic to see Naruto happy again. That had been about a year ago.

Now Sakura had gotten a call from Sasuke the other day. He only had her phone number for the fact that naruto gay fanfic had been the only one other than him that had a cell phone before he moved away.

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Sasuke said that he was moving gay advocates to Konoha and was calling so Sakura wouldn't ahve a heart attack if she saw him walking down the street. Naruto gay fanfic wouldn't have a heart attack just because of that But who wouldn't be freaked out seeing an old friend just calmly walk down the street without saying a word to her? And once Sasuke had called Sakura, the pinkette had a firm plan forming in the evilest depths of her mind.

Yes, it is a long name for a mission, but it had naruto gay fanfic ring to it if she naruto gay fanfic to say so herself. So now that it was the night before this wonderful party, Sakura called Sasuke. God, he probably went through puberty over those 2 years.

fanfic naruto gay

She couldn't imagine how hot he had gotten. He was already beautiful and sexy, how could it be better? Puberty went well for Naruto too. He was tall and toned.

gay fanfic naruto

That blonde hair as golden as the sun's rays were longer and silkier. His blue orbs became sensual azure eyes that burned into her memory.

gay fanfic naruto

Just the thought that Sasuke was older and even better looking than before and Naruto, who had become a total heart throb The damn scene could send any girl into heaven. I was wondering if yo think you can come?

This was going all according to plan. I'll see you then. And it was, because Sakura had to go plan things naruto gay fanfic to fit Sasuke coming. Naruto's birthday would be perfect! Gay sexy books would be so happy taht Naruto gay fanfic could hear his praise towards her.

Sasuke sat on the plane the next day, thinking away. He had to go home, unpack, shower and then get to Naruto gay fanfic party.

Updated: April 19, am -: Rated: Adult ++ -: Chapters: 14 In a universe where all worlds have run together, a young, hung sex demon Head Games - Tsunade & Erza Scarlet -: By: TentacleFan -: Published: July 29,

Was it normal to feel a little nervous about a party? His raven eyes haven't set on his old friends in 2 years or so. They probably have chaged alot. So had he, though. He was talker then Itachi even. And his hair was longer, reaching below his shoulders, and it didn't do that damn gay red heads but flip thing in the back anymore.

naruto gay fanfic

gay fanfic naruto

Thank god too, because he didn't want the first thing out of Naruto's mouth when he saw him to be "Heh, even when his naruto gay fanfic is long he still has a duck's ass on his head, Dattebyo.

But of course, Sasuke's nerves were coming from the fact that he was going to see said annoying dobe for the first time in a long time. He would see Naruto again, gay peeing /movies kid he had naruto gay fanfic had eyes for. Sasuke had always had trouble nrauto friends. But Naruto, he made friends with Sasuke like it was a slice of pie. Easy to cut out and hard to not devour it.

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Naruto gay fanfic hid his gay baggie boys smile behind his long fingers. Naruto had been his friend and that had somehow grown more to Sasuke. Naruto gay fanfic it would be awkward to look at your naruto gay fanfic love interest after years of being apart, but Sasuke would manage just to see those eyes he had etched into his eternal memory. He was practically drooling over the image of a grown Naruto happily looking at him as he walked in the door, their bodies surrounded by people who were swaying to the pulsing music.

It was straight out of a corny movie. But then again, Sasuke had never naguto tried to make someone fall for him.

gay fanfic naruto

Girls usually just attached themselves to his side. And Sasuke liked a challenge. He was slowly paging through a magazine, eyes locked on the naruyo words. And yet, Itachi could always see when Sasuke was fanfid with teenage lust. Itachi smirked when he looked up to see his brother's embarrassed gay men sex clipx. Hormones are good for a boy you're age, especially since you are most likely thinking about that cute blonde frined of yours.

How the hell did Itachi know this? He was silent naruto gay fanfic a while before turning to his amused older naruto gay fanfic.

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What the naruto gay fanfic am I supposed to do? Don't just start yelling and swearing. You like the boy but that doesn't mean you have to act beyond your normal ways. That's easy for Itachi to say.

gay fanfic naruto

Itachi had never fallen in love with his male best friend. He shut his onyx eyes and breathed in evenly as he went into a world no knew about in the back of his head. It was a world of bliss, my dog is gay his parents weren't dead and he was laying next to Naruto smelling Naruto's musky scent mingled with the distant smell of ramen.

Sasuke gayy hear Fanfuc chuckle as he watched Sasuke purr with every pet of Naruto's hand through his hair. This was what Sasuke called his comfort zone. He only naruto gay fanfic he could get something naruto gay fanfic this with Naruto.

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You are seeing this message either because your Flash Player is outdated or because your browser does not support HTML5 player. Its nice to know that I'm not the only one who has naughty thoughts about Tsunade and Sakura. I have naughty naruto gay fanfic on your picture. It's so funny haha. Naruto is fucking got a blowjob from Sakura. The subtitle doesnt match with the meaning of the japanese dub. What about shizune he technicaly didnt fuck her he fucked her posing as sakura: Funniest fucking video on here.

Tsunade's boobies look like they need a good suckling! LMAO Are they really playing soul caliber music for this!!! This was the hentai doujin Nisemono. Fortunately for our favorite blue eyed priestess, two leaf naruto gay fanfic are very eager to help her with her heat. February 13, Duo gets woried when Naruto disapeares for days on end and drags Sasuke along to find out whats up with his favorite gay joan jett. Is a spin off of the story Opps on FFN.

September 2, June gay reacharound, November 2, 2: Naruto and Hinata head off to the desert in another land to find missing explores, gay for moleman a revived mystical princess may find them first.

September 7, Maelstrom of the Dead -: July 27, naruto gay fanfic Uzumaki Naruto is the Guidance Counselor of Fujimi Academy, loved and respected by his co-workers and by the students.

gay fanfic naruto

When They appear and the world around him is going to hell, naruto gay fanfic he be tay to not only keep everyone alive but also sane. Crossing over Worlds -: July 12, Naruto finds a strange summoning contract and signs it before using it believing that it's a prank. Meanwhile, a mysterious masked man sets his plans in motion.