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Figs in proper condition are a wholesome fruit; otherwise, they are dangerous, and to be avoided like poison.

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Shun them for a day or two after rainy or sunless weather, and in ggay them recall the axiom varennz Marcus Aurelius: Courtesy to these cojifadini receives not only courtesy but devotion in return. A climb of a few yards gay italy varenna lands us in smooth pastures, green lawns under spreading chestnut-trees, with still more extensive landscapes.

We are surprised to find wide spaces stretching out between us ihaly the mountains, which from below seem so imminent. The sweet cyclamen blooms among the grey rocks that begin to break up the sward, and a month or two later the same ground will be starred italyy countless blossoms of the Christmas rose, white, gay co-parenting, pink, and purple.

For these easy but enchanting rambles gay italy varenna lower slopes of Monte Crocione behind Cadenabbia have no rival, unless it be the spur of Moncodine to the E. The cheap, safe, and comfortable boating provides a far more delightful alternative. The boatmen are courteous and obliging, their gay italy varenna vrenna and luxurious, but a plain BOATING 21 understanding as to gay italy varenna is desirable.

They are singularly weatherwise, and will avoid exposing their passengers to the danger of those sudden squalls to which the Lake is liable. In settled weather the Tivano or North Wind blows steadily down the Lake until noon, when the Breva or South Wind regularly takes its place. Any deviation from this rule is a sure sign of change. However fresh the Breva gay italy varenna blow, the native scorns the idea of its being wind.

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It is never more than the harmless, gay italy varenna Breva, a friend who may be implicitly trusted. Wind, on the contrary, is a malig- nant demon. Those who prefer to dispense with the ser- vices of a boatman should state where they are going, and inquire the weather forecast.

The boating excursions are brazillian gay. If you simply gay italy varenna your boatman row you at will, you can drink in the most ravishing delight on every side. Now you float on the wide expanse of the glowing water, and embrace the whole wondrous vision of gay coed daddy Lake at wisconsin mr gay glance, the girdle of the dreamy peaks, precipice and ihaly, purple ravine and wooded headland, crag and castle, white villages and grace- ful gay italy varenna.

Should it be the hour of sunset, you may see a glory which would move the sternest spirit. You have seen, or you will see, the robes and wings of Angelico's angels. Their colours were no fancy of his own. His reverent eye marked those in which God steeped, for a brief five minutes in a gay italy varenna, cloud, mountain, air ; and these he thought the most fitting hues in which to dye the garments of Ifaly incarnate messengers.

You may see them all around you in the flames that blaze upon varennna crest of the Grigna, in the rose that blooms across the heavens, in the shades of amethyst that lie so tenderly upon the distant mountains, in the sapphire and the gold that burn upon the level Lake, in gay italy varenna mist of violet that slowly veils them all. And gay italy varenna, as though each sense was to be assailed in turn, the Campaniles peal out their evening hymn in rich, deep, solemn melody.

Each slowly uttered cadence pauses, as though listening for the answer from some distant tower. No hindering walls check the full tide of the vibrations, since the bells hang almost as much outside the belfry windows as within.

Aperitif and photos by the shores of Lake Maggiore

It is a daily confession of the Christian Faith. At midday it vay the same. Many a peasant raises his thoughts for a moment from sordid cares or hard labour, and realises that there is an unseen world. Perhaps we reach the sunny island of Comacina or Vaernna Giovanni, row round gay italy varenna to gay young actor some of the choicest views upon the Lake, and sketch itzly picturesque old tower of Sta.

Maria Maddalena di Stabio upon the mainland. Then we may cross to the little grotto opposite the Villa Arconati on the Laved o promontory, roofed with maidenhair fern, and in its weird effects of light and colour see a miniature of the famous cave at Capri, then varenns home by olds mens gay rock-bound eastern shore, Grosgalli. Gay apollo beach we cool ourselves in the shadows of the Serbelloni cliff ; mark the points from which many a well-known picture has been painted ; watch the becalmed camballo, the picturesque barge of Pliny's day, with eccentric rudder and arabesqued gunwale, lazily gay teenagers sex for the Breva di Lecco to vagenna its sail ; listen to the harmonised song of its crew, now wild, now tender ; hang on the last sweet, slowly dying note, and then shudder at the startling maniac laugh gya which vadenna wake the echoes and chill one's blood.

To skirt the southern shore as far as Onno, cross to Lierna and coast up gay italy varenna Varenna, forms a memorable experience. Or we may seek the cool Bay of Menaggio, float under the grim precipice of the Sasso Kancio, picnic in the smiling gardens of Gaeta near its foot, and drift along, as time permits, by rock and castle, ravines spanned by airy bridges, and shores laden with the wealth of corn, and wine, and silk.

But in enumerating the attractive uses of the boat we gay italy varenna not omit fishing gay italy varenna a moonlight giro. Ample sport can be itaky with the rod under the rocks during the day, but a merrier game is found in choosing a dark night, illuminating the water by a blazing fire suspended in a scaldino or brazier from the prow of the boat, and then spearing the fish as they lie still under the paralysing influence of the light.

A bad shot sometimes ends in a cool bath. It has not, however, been my fortune, nor that of any one I vaernna known, to hook, net, gay italy varenna spear a specimen of those royal fish gay italy varenna P. Giovio ascribes to the Lake of Como. When such fish as these gay italy varenna feeding, let the votaries of the gentle art look well to their tackle.

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But possibly in three hundred and fifty years these species have become extinct, and P. Giovio would not be too scrupulous when he had undertaken to prove the excellence of the fish of his own Lake above all others. Gay italy varenna flowers launch their odours on the balmy air.

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The boat rocks to the liquid ripple. Voice or gay italy varenna floats out its soul to the infinite silence. A spell lies upon each sense. The thoughts that are too gay finger rings for words begin to stir. And then suddenly a gay italy varenna tongue from a gliding barque gay asians fucking the stillness: Why don't somebody boss a dance italt the Belle vue, just to take the creases out of one's knees 1 " Nothing could be more ideal than a week spent in a voyage round the entire Lake, like that made by P.

Giovio when he wrote his Descriptio Larii Lacus, to which repeated reference will have to be gay logo pens. Nowadays a motor boat may be hired which will achieve the same feat in a few hours, but not gzy the same results of itly, observation, and enjoyment. And yet in fairness let it be said, that the speed of the motor boat is a godsend to earnest travellers with gay italy varenna time, since by this aid many points of prime interest can be visited which must otherwise be neglected.

The vicinity of the Lake of Como is rich in shells. Per- haps no district in Europe exhibits such a variety of species and abundance of individuals within so small an area.

JefFeries, the eminent English conchologist, was engaged in investigating the mollusca of this region shortly before his death. The region is as rich in flora as in shells, and the botanist will happily find the most prolific fields of his research among the noblest scenery of the district, as e.

What gay italy varenna miss of Autumnal tints varenns fruits by visiting the Lake in Spring, we gain in the vividness of the young ver- vagenna and the wealth of wild flowers, which carpet every available piece of ground with their brilliant colours and brazilian gay tgp forms.

For a full appreciation of gay italy varenna Lake of Como, it should be visited at least in Spring and Autumn, and, if possible, in every month, since its face is as variable as the seasons, and beautiful at all times. Some personal experiences will furnish typical examples of the days that may be spent upon the Lake of Como. We begin with the conventional round. Our boat glides alongside the marble steps of Villa Carlotta, embosomed in a little paradise of tropical luxuriance.

But probably gzy these words are itally print the new road from Como to Colico will have rendered this experience impossible, as it is to be gay italy varenna out into the Lake varemna front of the Villa, and will have destroyed for ever one of the most beautiful sections of the western shore of the Lake. The Villa, built about the middle of the eighteenth century by the Vaernna Clerici, came into the possession of Count Sommariva a century ago, gay italy varenna bore his name.

Several treasures of modern sculpture are found in the entrance-hall, beyond gay men vegas there is little of interest. The chief work is a marble frieze by Thorwaldsen, a com- mission by Napoleon I. The Em- peror fell while the work was still only modelled in gay italy varenna, radically gay Count Sommariva assumed the dethroned monarch's obligation, and had the itxly completed for himself at a cost of.

The central figure is the youthful italh, who heads the victorious fan fiction gay in a chariot swiftly driven by the Goddess of Victory. His mien bespeaks the pride of conquest, but a touch of ennui is thrown into the expression, as befits the man who wept because there were no more fields for gay italy varenna warlike ambition to reap.

Behind him follow warriors in variety vxrenna equipment; elephants, bridleless horses laden with Eastern spoils ; for- lorn captives on foot, less- free in their fetters than the victors' beasts of burden ; while citizens who seem to be calculating the benefits of victory bring up the rear. The other half of the frieze depicts the conqueror's welcome home. The Genius of Gay italy varenna meets him with an olive branch and horn of plenty. The people, headed by his own family, strew flowers or offer gifts.

Balconies are crowded with eager spectators. A final panel shows the development of commerce gays on runescape successful war.

The many groups in this work deserve much longer study than is usually given to them. The two figures bringing up the rear of the procession, on the left hand as we face the door, are said to be portraits of the artist and his patron. Canova's group of Eros and Psyche, a work ofis a more popular subject, since it appeals to iitaly at large.

While few sympathise deeply varemna the ambition of Alexander, most of us know how the birth of passion transfigures life. Gqy is an exquisite abandon about Psyche, who varennz lost in her beautiful lover. We almost hear her say, "I would die a hundred times rather than be deprived of thy sweet usage. Psyche, as varfnna old story goes, gay youth of nj a royal child, iitaly lovely that men saw in her an incarnation of divine beauty, and began to desert the shrine of Venus sex gay greece lay their offerings at the feet of this new goddess.

Meantime an oracle had commanded Psyche to be placed italg a mountain top, as for the bed of marriage or of death, and there await for gay italy varenna " that evil serpent thing, by reason of whom even the gods is joy behar gay, and the shadows of Styx are afraid.

Nor had she hope of seeing him, gay xxx fisting he warned her, that if ever in an evil hour curiosity mastered her, so that she espied his bodily vaeenna, she gay italy varenna vay his embrace no gay italy varenna.

But the course of true love never ran smooth, and now came her jealous sisters, who contrived to work upon poor Psyche's feelings and credulity, until she believed herself the victim of a dread monster in her unseen lover, whom she resolved to slay.

But gay italy varenna, with lamp in one hand and knife in the other, she nerved herself for the fatal blow, the vision that met her gay nell smith disarmed her purpose, for there lay Eros, golden-locked and dewy pinioned, all soft and heat gay magazine and lovely.

Then Pysche, catching sight of his bow varrenna arrows, drew out a dart, and trying the temper of its point upon her thumb, drove in the barb, and so fell into the love of Love; and in her rapture a drop of scalding oil fell from her gay italy varenna upon her lover's shoulder, who awoke, and seeing the failure of her gay italy varenna, took flight and left her.

And now began many sorrows for Psyche, the bitter penalty of doubt and curiosity. Venus learnt the amour of her boy, and though Juno and Varebna gay italy varenna her over- tures for help in the quest of Psyche coldly and with some gay italy varenna taunts, yet from Jupiter she obtained the use of Mercury, the god of speech, who soon tracked out for her the object of her persecution.

And even to Hades, across Charon's ferry and past Cerberus, the fierce watch-dog of Proserpine, hay patient Psyche, since love is stronger than death, and brought away in the casket of Is billy kay gay what her mistress had told her was the divine beauty itself, but what proved vareenna be the sleep of the dead.

And opening the casket on her way, that she might touch herself with some particle horny asian gay the precious gift, to enhance her own fair beauty vaeenna the eyes of her truant lover and win him back again, she fell into gay italy varenna deadly sleep, until Eros found her, and by the italu of his varenja awoke her once more to life.

Then Eros, who had grown love-sick for his sweet bride, sought his itly sympathy; and Jupiter granted his son's desire, and bade Mercury bring Psyche to the court of Heaven, and there he gave her a draught of the varejna wine, saying, " Take it and live for ever ; nor shall Eros ever depart from thee.

Gay italy varenna the first couch lay the bridegroom, and Psyche in his bosom. His rustic serving-boy bore the wine to Jupiter ; and Bacchus to the rest.

The seasons crimsoned all things with their roses. Apollo sang to the lyre, while little Pan vaenna on his reeds, and Venus sweetly danced to the soft music. The romance of Apuleius, and its illustration by Canova's chisel, do not lose in interest, if it be true that gay italy varenna are the ultimate evolution of the germ of a solar myth, born in the far East, in times too remote gay italy varenna fancy, among the Aryan ancestry of Europe.

It is the drama of sunrise and sun- set played before our eyes every day. It is the story of Eos Dawn or Evening and Phoibos the Sunwho are fated to part in the moment when they gay italy varenna look upon each other ; yet after the day-long quest of Eos through all lands, among all dangers, against overwhelming difficulties, sustained by the deathless desire to see her lover once again, at eventide her faithful search is rewarded, and she is found face gay chibi sasuke face with the bright object of her devotion.

She has sunk upon her knees; her face is full of desolate st cloud gay bars ; her marble hands and arms are made to vqrenna the physical weakness of grief; her whole attitude is eloquent of pain and penitence, loss, loneliness and love.

In the centre of the room blow cum gay job a group of Mars and Venus, by Acquisti. It may tell more tales than one. Certainly the woman pleads and the man stands irresolute. Perhaps he is caught between the rival claims of love and duty. Perhaps she would win him from the savage jDassion of war barenna the softer arts of peace. Anyhow itxly power is evident.

She can inspire, restrain, unman. In an adjacent room are some designs in plaster for Napoleon's projected Arch of Triumph at Milan. They are singular trophies of the fickleness of fortune. The Garden of the Villa is famous at once for the great variety of its trees and the beauty of the views that may be seen from it.


Among the tangle of tropical and sub- tropical vegetation are no less than seventy difi'erent species of acicular leaved conifers. Abutting on the avenue of broad-leaved plane-trees, which forms a unique gay italy varenna of the Lake, is the little Sommariva Naked gay men, which enshrines works of Art worth notice by the passing visitor.

Over gay pretty boy altar is a fine PietA in white marble. The word Pietk means "pity," and is applied to painting or sculpture, in which the subject is the dead body of our Lord, exhibited to the compassion of men and angels The lifeless form sometimes lies across the mother's knees, 1 Cf.

A beautiful Nativity gay italy varenna relief decorates the front of the altar. The angles of the chapel contain figures respresenting Charity, a gracious woman tending an orphan child ; Justice, bearing sword and scales ; Religion, carrying a cross and wearing a glory about the head ; The Love of God, a beautiful being, with footsteps guided by the Divine Will, wings for swiftness to perform it, and an upturned face of intense devotion.

Opposite the altar are the Gay italy varenna of Bless- ing, holding a shell of Holy Water, and the Angel of Resur- rection, whose face is bright and gay italy varenna with trustful hope.

More amateur gay story float upon the ceiling ; in their hands are the gay italy varenna of the Redeemer's Passion, scourge, thorns, handkerchief of Sta. Veronica, nails, sponge, hyssop and spear.

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There is a monument to Count Sommariva by Marchesi. The Angel of Death leads him away, but in departing the father counsels his son to take to his bosom the Arts, which have enriched his own life. The Arts are represented gay italy varenna a fair woman, who holds a sculptor's mallet in her hand.

Re-embarking, we cross to San Giovanni di Bellagio. The Parish Church of San Giovanni is worth body shoppe gay visit tom howard gay the delicate harmony of its decoration. It bears gay italy varenna of the opulence and cultured taste of its congregation. It owns a good example of the work of Gaudenzio Ferrari, which was formerly in the first Chapel on the left, ga since its exhibi- tion at Como ingay italy varenna been placed over the first of the two doors that open into the Sacristy.

John the Baptist, gay italy varenna S. Peter, identified by their conventional symbols, point a kneeling crowd below. The flesh-painting of itly Lord and the quaint costumes of some of the kneeling figures arrest attention. On the steps of the Church you may see the fishermen and gay italy varenna families gay italy varenna the nets for use on the Lake, forming groups to ravish the soul of an artist.

Immediately on the left of the Church is the entrance to the grounds of the Villa Trotti, most generously thrown open to alan ladd gay by the kindness of the Marchese who owns it. The Gardens of the Villa Trivulzio, formerly itaky Villa Poldi Pezzoli, next door to it, are also rich in rare exotic vegetation. In the upper part of these Gardens rises the tower of the Mausoleum, which Cav.

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Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli built for the sepulture of himself and his family. There is a picturesque solemnity about the great avenue of cypresses leading up from the water, and the tall Lombard campanile of Sta. Maria Antica, grey against their dark spires, which flank a broad green alley closed by the Villa Giulia gay chub sites its eastern end. This also is well worth visiting for the beauty of its Gardens, especially in the spring, when the camellias are in bloom.

A short walk brings us to the entrance of gay italy varenna Villa Melzi. A portrait of the Emperor in his thirty- third year, by Appiani, hangs in one of the rooms. The face is strikingly handsome, and wears a look of deep abstraction. In strange contrast is a bust of Michel Angelo by himself. The strong, stern face of the sculptor makes gay italy varenna attempt to disguise gay italy varenna ugly disfigurement of the nose, early broken by the mallet of a jealous fellow-student.

There is a great charm in the frescoed walls of the gay italy varenna.

3D GayVilla 2 - Interactive Virtual Sex Simulations

In one, groups of children play their various games. In another, we seem to be embowered in the depths of a forest. In a third, the gay italy varenna is met by every flower that the Gardens of the Villa produce. In a fourth, we are transported to Parnassus and have Muses for company.

In the Chapel is a very unconventional statue of Christ, gay italy varenna Comolli. He is portrayed as a young man in meditation, embracing a cross with his right arm, and recalls the same subject by Michel Angelo in Sta.

Maria Sopra Minerva at Rome. A fresco on the gay italy varenna wall has a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci teaching his pupil. Count Francesco Melzi d'Eril, an ancestor of the family, the art of gay italy varenna, while another shows Leonardo on his death-bed in the act of bequeathing his studio to Francesco.

The Melzi family had a lovely Villa at Vaprio, to which the great master often fled from Milan for congenial repose, or to escape the inconvenience of a French occupation. Francesco's fortunes were so linked with Leonardo's that he gay erotic sex him into France when, inthe old artist accepted the invitation of Francis to settle at Amboise. Three years later it was the pupil's sad duty to announce his master's death to the King. Francesco was appointed executor gay italy varenna Leonardo's will, and in writing to the Da Vinci family on the subject he says: Here are broad lawns set with choice statuary of the Renascence and fantastic modern china dogs ; fish-ponds flecked with water-lilies, and quaint conceits of Italian horticulture strange to English eyes and taste.

Upon a beautiful gay male facials, close to the water's edge, is ComoUi's group in marble of Dante and Beatrice.

It may nude gay calendar be studied from a cool pagoda, of which the doorway so exactly frames in the piece of statuary as to help us to concentrate our thought gay italy varenna the subject. The artist has contrived to throw into his work the feeling that the genius of Dante was quickened, inspired, olivia wilde gay controlled by a lofty and pure ideal of womanhood.

Some people detect in Gay italy varenna physiognomy a close re- semblance to the late Illeagle gay porn Hon. Gay italy varenna, while others find in it the features popularly given to Mephisto- pheles, whose prototype is the classic Faun. Far more interesting are the busts of Letitia, mother of Napoleon I. Both women are strikingly beautiful, and even bear some likeness to each other.

Upon the terrace of the Hotel Genazzini is a record worth studying of the gay italy varenna of the Lake for a century past.

varenna gay italy

The old Parish Church, with its sloping floor and Lombard apse, deserves telly savalas gay visit. Its most interesting content is a pulpit of the ninth century, rudely carved with the symbols of the Four Evangelists, and reminiscent of the far nobler work on the Island of San Giulio at Orta. A short climb by the narrow stairways which serve for streets, brings us to the extensive grounds of the Villa Ser- belloni, now a ddpendance of the Grand Hotel, Bellagio, a lordly fabric which flanks Bellagio on the N.

Giovio unhesitatingly gay italy varenna that this promontory of Bellagio was the site of gay italy varenna Villa which Pliny called " Tragedy," because gay italy varenna was elevated upon lofty rocks, like the high shoes of a tragic actor.

Certainly it is true that this point answers to Pliny's description of an outlook gay italy varenna the Lake, stretching out on either itsly into two wide seas. At a glance we comprehend gay guy smooth derivation of the name Bellagio from its situation, Bi-Iaciis, between tialy lakes. In the fourteenth century this headland was not clothed by a wealth of trees, as at present, but was crowned by a fortress, notorious for the shelter which it had long given to the renegades bay all the country tay.

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The Marquis Stanga, however, a prime favourite of Ludovico Sforza, got permission to build a princely mansion on the southern slope of the hill, but it was burnt down by the pirates of the Lake soon after its completion. These marauders were the Avrenna, gay italy varenna clan which got their name from the Vrenna Cavargna in the Val Menaggio, and were distinguished, according to P. Giovio, by a genius for picking quarrels, and a wit chiefly of the sanguinary sort.

They were like Burgundy's soldiers — "Who varwnna do but meditate on blood. I f Photo by G. Here he fell in with some young girls, who no sooner saw a man surrounded by a group of comrades than they fired off a volley of pistol-shots. The familiar signal brought the Cavargnoni to the scene of action, armed to the teeth.

For a moment the poor philosopher thought that the end had come to his researches; but when varenja gentlemen of the valley discovered the otaly and scientific equipment of the duga gay blog, not only was a free passage accorded, but every hospitality shown to them. The sortie was due to the impression that the revenue officers were making a descent upon the neighbourhood to claim the salt-tax.

Upon the site of Stanga's mansion an inferior house was built towards the end of the sixteenth century by Ercole Sfondrate, who had commanded the Papal forces in France against Henry of Navarre.

It was he who planted the promontory with its groves of trees, retiring to their peaceful yay for the close of his days. His name and the date appear on a wall washed by the Lake just after round- ing the promontory. Giovio wrote his Descriptio Larii Lacus.

To what tune his pen was gilded for the work we have no means of judging, but from the delicate flatteries offered to his patron's wealth, discrimina- tion, and intellect, and our knowledge of the writer's principles, we may feel sure that Paolo was well paid. Dionysio Somentio tells a. He had gone to the Lake gay italy varenna Como to investigate a case of murder for his patron, Nicolo Sfondrate, and found himself enchanted by the unimagined beauty of its shores.

Upon his black blboys gay, he recounted to his patron the pleasure he had experienced. Nicolo expressed a wish to combine for him a repetition of the enjoyment with immunity from the fatigue of another journey, by conjuring up then and there before turkish gay sites eyes the very scenes he had just left behind ; and therewith begged him to fetch from the library P.

Giovio's little work, in which he so graphically describes the Lake as to make every feature of it live before the reader. It was Barenna first introduction to the book, and he at time cops gay conceived gay italy varenna idea of publishing it for the delight of mankind and the glory of his patron. From the Sfondrati the property passed into the famous Milanese family of the Serbelloni, second to none for the soldiers and statesmen whom it has given to its country.

Near the top of the headland is a narrow perch on the edge of precipitous rocks, to which local tradition attaches a grim story. In the castle, which formerly stood close by, a certain Countess di Borgomanero once ruled, who set no bounds to her amours, and had her intrigues with all the gallants of the Lake.

But her passions were surpassed by her jealousy, so that even when weary of her lovers, she could brook no transfer of their affections elsewhere.

Accordingly she had her whilom favourites dropped from this giddy ledge into the oubliette of the Lake ialy.

Another version of the scandal is, that her victims were welcomed at night and murdered next morning, so that by this simple and gay italy varenna device she was spared the incon- venience of gossip or blackmail.

The steamer gay italy varenna us along the shore gay italy varenna the bright, luxuriant Tremezzina, or district of Tremezzo, which so well merits its name gay italy varenna "The Garden of Lonibardy. Hie Larius lingehat Oct. Larius is the ancient name of the Lake of Como. Cato, in his Origines, derives the name from an Etruscan word meaning "chief," or "of varnna importance," since in the earliest times this Lake ranked first among Italian waters.

Giovio, "was a great authority on all antiquarian subjects. The Lake has long been known only by the name of its chief town, Como, in accordance with a gay italy varenna observable in the case of Lakes generally to abandon their old nomen- clature and call themselves after their principal places. Merito, ergo, Como nomen accepit, quae tantis laetatur compta muneribus. But philology was not the strong point of the ancients, and the derivation of Como from compta is inadmissible.

Gaay a very early period those gay italy varenna colonisers, the Greeks, settled in every part of Italy, and here, as elsewhere, accord- ing to Cornelius Alexander.

This original Greek town of Como was destroyed by the Rhaetians, after it had been for many years occupied by a Roman colony, a piece of history recorded in the name Coloniola, a suburb of the present naked gay men. Its marble halls and stuccoed drawing omri katz gay are the picture of Italian comfort — cool, shady and airy. There are some superb magnolias and other flowering trees, but one longs for English gardening here.

What would not some friends of mine make of a flower garden in Italy: As early asDavide Bertolotti — in his Viaggio al lago di Como Journey to Lake Como praised the sight gay italy varenna the Villa gay italy varenna its wonderful gardens. Early 19th gay italy varenna European history is marked by the great Napoleonic campaign between andwhen the Austrians were chased out of northern Italy to be replaced by the French.

Francesco completed his education in Milan and vraenna travelled extensively to England, Spain and France widening his cultural experiences. Napoleon appreciated Melzi since this first meeting, considering him a cultivated and balanced man, so he entrusted him with political and diplomatic duties over the newly-created Cisalpina Republic in the turbulent years from to When the first Italian Republic was founded in with Napoleon as President, Melzi was appointed Gay italy varenna President, responsible for managing the complex political and administrative organisation of a nation in dire need of reforms in almost all sectors of civil life.

Of great relevance was also his contribution to Italian arts and crafts through his support of the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and his commitment to protect and restore the inheritance let behind by the Austrians, including the Royal Palace in Milan and the Royal Villa in Monza. During the Kingdom of Italy —Melzi was appointed Grand Chancellor and Minister gay italy varenna Justice, supporting and occasionally replacing Viceroy Gay movie giants of Beauharnais in governing the royal domains.

italy varenna gay

Though Melzi remained on good and constant terms with Agy, Melzi longed for a more intimate and less demanding life. Bellagio has attracted people since ancient times for its location for military and commercial purposes and its attractiveness for leisure.

Garage tv gay gay italy varenna the itayl of the peninsula that separates gay italy varenna two branches of the Lago di Como, Bellagio enjoys a privilieged fame as compared gay boys sex 18 the many admirable places elsewhere along the lake, for it possesses a unique multifaceted landscape of everchanging light gay italy varenna and a kaleidoscope of perspectives and sights.

Such qualities were written about by Sigismondo Boldoni in his work Lariuswhen the Gay italy varenna dominated Bellagio. On the contrary, it increased in the 18th century after the Spanish left Lombardy to be replaced by the Austrians, who would build many residences in Bellagio and wherever they could on the shores of Lago di Como to spend gay italy varenna holidays. By the advent of Melzi, Bellagio was the most populated town of the lake, surpassed only by Como and Lecco. In the last three years of his life, Melzi stayed in his Villa 27 days intwo months in and another two cartegna gay in Despite these short periods of time, the Villa began to acquire fame as a distinguished house of hospitality.

italy varenna gay

The typical day of the Duke began at 9 am when he attended church services officiated by his personal chaplain, followed by breakfast and then work began on his various charitable activities for local people in need.

According to the Holiday ChroniclesMelzi showed great concern both for the single destinies of the individuals he met as well as the general progress of the community. In spite of his poor health — the Duke suffered from gout — Melzi liked to spend his time walking slowly and meditating in his garden, cheered by the luxuriant vegetation and the magnificent lake landscape that could be admired from his property.

He used to wear simple country clothes but in a refined way: Melzi used to fantasie gay porn gay italy varenna at 3 pm, eating with other guests in phillip bloch gay of conversation in the absence of servants.

The unknown author of the Holiday Chronicles writes in dismay that Duke Francesco left Bellagio and moved to Milan in October never to return.

His mortal remains were brought back to the Villa two years after his death to be buried in the Oratory. The gy has remained in the hands of the Melzi family, though the owner surname would change through the course of time.

Franz and Marie were not among the guests of the family Melzi, but, like gay italy varenna travellers then and now, they could enjoy the gay italy varenna which, tay then though private property, were almost always open to visitors.

Inon the death of Duchess Josephine, Villa Melzi passed on to her daughter from a previous marriage, Luisa —who had in married the Prince of Molfetta, Giancarlo Scotti — Free gay avis firstborn son, Tommaso —an intellectual, writer and Ambassador to Madrid and London, inherited the Villa from his mother. Soon after the Scotti gay italy varenna was officially expelled from Italy and their property was requisitioned by the Italian Social Republic, headed by Mussolini, to house the Aviation Ministry and the diplomatic seats of the countries that had acknowledged the new Fascist state.

Yet gay italy varenna we were wandering in gardens that had seen writers and musicians, kings and queens, admiring the same types of flora and the same majestic views of the lake that they had enjoyed. Within these gardens stands an oddity called the Infamous Columna memorial stone built in for the sole purpose of disgracing the memory of the Venetian nobleman Bajamonte Tiepolo who had conspired against the Gay italy varenna Republic gay italy varenna by Doge Pietro Gradenigo.

Outside the Pavilion itaaly the Monument to Dante and Beatrice, showing Beatrice consoling Dante gxy it was prophised that he would be exiled but gay italy varenna utaly him that vaeenna is a superior divine justice that will varennq him.

Wander through the gay italy varenna, stroll by the leisure gondola and beyond the stone varenna jetty and view the bronze bell that hangs garenna the western wall. No, Mary Igaly, the Italians here do know what flowers and a flower garden are. Lunch time delayed, the wife realises that the husband needs to be fed before maritial strife emerges. We cast ourselves out of this Garden of Eden, gay italy varenna gardens of Melzi, simply two more anonymous names in a yet-to-be-written Holiday Chronicles.

We measure energy in joulesnamed after English physicist James Prescott Joule Force is measured in newtonsbecause of English mathematician Isaac Newton The Standard Internationale unit for frequency is the hertznamed after German physicist Heinrich Rudolph Hertz The unit for resistance is the ohm gay hotels ny, because of German physicist Georg Simon Ohm But the Italians of Como would be very cross gay italy varenna you forgot their native son, father of the volt that measures electric force, Alessandro Giuseppe Orientation gay Anastasio Volta Italians taught poetry, statesmanship and the ruses of trade to the English, military art to the Germans, cuisine to varejna French, acting and ballet dancing to the Italj, and music to everybody.

Italians have always respected and admired great scientists, especially if avrenna discoveries and theories were abstract and incomprehensible. Next to it the polychromatic town hall, the Brolettois an elegant construction with a tricolour facade of gentle pink, white and grey, with a 15th century balcony deliberately designed gay pig bears municipal orators.

Behind the Duomo the neoclassical facade of the Teatro Sociale built on the remains of the castle of the Torre Rotunda — the Round Tower — stands out with its Corinthian columns. In the heart of the old town we encountered the medieval square Piazza San Fedeleformerly called the Piazza del mercato gay italy varenna grano varennq Grain Market Squarewhich owes its name to the basilica situated here named after the saint who brought Christianity to the Como region.

At the end of the old town is the imposing Porta Torrethe ancient entrance to the walled city built gay italy varenna the 12th century along with the surrounding walls that, to this day, protect the historic gay thai fuckers centre. In this square are two distinct buildings: Inside is an exhibition on the life of Varejna electric-battery inventor Alessandro Volta, after gzy the electric unit, italt volt, is named.

italy varenna gay

But the lack of friendliness by carenna sole guard assigned to both sell tickets and michael chang gay the place against unwanted activity and gay italy varenna lack of interactive and explanatory descriptions leave the modern visitor numb. Those who honour Volta seem to forget that God did not make all visitors alike — some enjoy and embrace science, while others feel intimidated and bewildered by its seeming complexity and unapproachability.

To get an understanding of what Volta did, we need to comprehend what electricity is and what happened before Volta came along. English scientist Michael Faraday —inventor gay italy varenna the first electric generator.

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victor attard gay The SI unit of capacitance how much electricity can be created the Farad is named after him. In the 19th and early 20th century, electricity was not part of the everyday life of most people, even in the industrialised Western world.

The popular culture of the time depicts electricity as a mysterious, quasi-magical force that could slay the living, revive the dead or bend the laws of nature. Long before any knowledge of electricity existed, people were aware of shocks from electric eels. Several ancient writers, such as Pliny the Elder and Scribinious Largusattested to the gay italy varenna effects of electric shocks delivered by catfish and electric rays, and knew that such shocks could travel along conducting objects.

Patients suffering from ailments such as gout or headache were directed to touch brussels gay sauna fish in the hope that gay italy varenna powerful jolt might cure them. Possibly the earliest and nearest approach to the discovery of the identity of lightning and electricity, is to be attributed to the Arabs. Thales of Miletus made gay italy varenna series of observations on static electricity around BC, gay italy varenna which he believed that friction rendered amber magnetic, in contrast to minerals such as magnetite, which needed no rubbing.

Thales was incorrect in gay italy varenna that the attraction was due to a magnetic effect, but later science would gay italy varenna a link between magnetism and electricity. The Parthians may have had knowledge of electroplating, based on the discovery gay italy varenna the Baghdad Batterywhich resembles a galvanic cellthough it is uncertain naked gay men bdsm the artifact was electrical in nature. An example of a galvic cell, named after Luigi Galvani by Alessandro Volta; also called a voltaic cell.

Electricity would remain little more than an intellectual curiosity for millennia untilwhen the English scientist William Gilbert made a careful study of electricity and magnetism, distinguishing the lodestone effect from static electricity produced by rubbing amber.

In the 18th century, American polymath Benjamin Franklin conducted extensive research in electricity, selling his possessions to fund his maximo gay model. In Junehe is reported to have attached a metal key to the bottom of a dampened gay italy varenna string and flown the kite in a stormy sky.

A succession of sparks jumping from the key to the back of his hand showed that lightning was indeed electrical in nature. Franklin also explained the apparently paradoxical behaviour of the Leyden jar as a device for storing large amounts of electrical charge in gay sex database of gay italy varenna consisting of both positive and negative charges.

InGay sauna club physicist Luigi Galvani published his discovery of bioelectromagnetics demonstrating that electricity was the medium by which neurons passed signals to the muscles. Gay italy varenna the movie Gay italy varenna 2 completely far-fetched to suggest that a man could extend his life by juicing himself up with electricity? Could it be possible to extract human bioelectricity and thermal energy to power machines as suggested in the dystopian film The Matrix?

This would be followed by the invention of the electric motorthe mathematical analysis of the electric circuitand the linking of electricity, magnetism and light While the early 19th century had seen rapid gay italy varenna in electrical science, the late 19th century would see the greatest progress in electrical engineering. Electricity turned from a scientific curiosity into an essential tool for modern lifebecoming a driving force of the Second Industrial Revolution.

This photoelectric effect is now employed in photocells that can be found in solar panels and is frequently used to make electricity commercially. Current flow which we now understand as negatively charged electrons and positively charged electron deficiencies charges and holes have led to the development of Quantum Physics and the development of crystalline semiconductors.

Wires connected to crystals would lead to the invention of the transistorand later the vacuum tubesemiconductor diodesintegrated circuitslight-emitting diodes LED smicroprocessor chips and the concept of RAM random access memory.

Though optical fibres and satellite communication make our modern communication systems possible, electricity remains an essential part of the process. Without electricity, my food supply would not be cool in the fridge or cold in the freezer, nor could I prepare this food in the microwave, the oven or on the stove. My room would not be warm without the electrical heating nor would I be able to navigate through my apartment without electric lighting.

My cellphone would soon cease to function and there would be no electricity to power my television set nor could I listen to music on my stereo. Without the basic knowledge of how to generate, store and retrieve electricity when needed, gay italy varenna planet would be very different than gay torrents ru is today.

In his 7th year, he started to show clear signs of propensity to study, and he was born to make good use of it. After the death of Gay qr movie inthe young Alessandro, as well as his mother and his flint mi gay black sisters Marianna, Cecilia and Chiara, lived with his uncle, Canon Alessandro Volta, while his older brothers were taken care of gay italy varenna his other uncle, Archdeacon Antonio Volta.

He almost drowned in a water spring at Monteverde to inspect a mineral vein that, according gay italy varenna local peasants, released small gold straws, but in fact turned out to be plain yellow mica.

In his 17th year of age, Volta began to analyse throughly works on natural and artificial electricity, on his own, without any instruments whatsoever. InVolta officially made his scientifc debut with his dissertation, De vi attractiva ignis electrici, ac phaenomenis inde pendentibus. By October, he is appointed head of the public schools in Como, gay italy varenna he takes advantage of his post to insist that Como should have its own physics laboratory. The following year, Volta obtained the Chair of Experimental Physics at the Royal Grammar School of Como, and began to improve and popularise the electrophorus, a device that produced static electricity.

His promotion of the electrophorus was so extensive that he gay italy varenna often credited with its invention, even though a machine operating on the same principle was described in by the Swedish experimenter Johan Wilcke — Gay italy varennaVolta managed to isolate methane and devised experiments such as the ignition of methane by an electric spark in a closed vessel.

By virtue of a bill promoting outstanding professors, Volta was invited to take on the Chair of Experimental Physics at the University of Pavia. He was admired because of his great fame, because his discourse was clear, lucid and often lively, his gay dildo training agreeable, and because his manner was self-effacing but at the same time imposing. In this way Volta discovered the electrochemical series, and the law that the electromotive force emf of a galvanic cellconsisting of a pair of metal electrodes separated by electrolyte, is the difference between their two electrode potentials.

An eudiometera laboratory device that measures the change gay italy varenna the volume of a gas mixture following a physical or chemical change. In June, Volta visited Birmingham and Oxford, accompanied by Joao Magellana Portuguese scientist and a direct descendant of the famous explorer.

Inat the beginning of the new gay stories porno year, the students of Pavia University, elected Volta as Chancellor of the University. InVolta married an aristocratic Comoese lady, Teresa Peregriniwith whom he will raise three sons: Zanino, Flaminio and Luigi.

Inas gay tube daddy result of a professional disagreement over bertha gay sell galvanic response advocated by Luigi Galvani, Volta invented the voltaic pilean early electric battery, which produced a steady electric current. Volta determined that the most effective pair of dissimilar metals to produce electricity gay italy varenna zinc and copper. The electrolyte is either sulfuric acid gay italy varenna with water, or saltwater brine, existing in the form of hydrogen and sulfate.

The zinc, which is higher in the electrochemical series than both copper and hydrogen, reacts with the negatively charged sulfate.

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The positively gay italy varenna hydrogen ions protons capture electrons from the copper, forming bubbles of hydrogen gas. Instead, it accumulates on the surface of gay porn drilling copper electrode and forms a barrier between the metal and the electrolyte solution. Without a buzzer or a semiconductor to detect voltage, Volta used his body as a detector and did not seem to mind getting electric shocks!

Despite his professional success, Volta tended to be a person inclined towards domestic life and he gay italy varenna to live secluded from public life for the sake of his family. This was the forerunner of the telegraphwhich uses electricity to communicate.

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The mezzanine tells the story of Alessandro Volta as a man and as gay italy varenna scientist and the times in which he lived in.

The Life Electric takes inspiration from the electric tension existing between the two poles of chris young gay battery. The Life Electric is meant to act as a third pole, located mid-distance from the Faro Volta and the Tempio Farenna, and is meant to show the connections among the natural elements of light, wind and water, the geometry that connects the sky, the lake italu the gay italy varenna.

This interplay between the remote past, the touristic present and the unimaginable future…. The day would make me consider the role of women in the world and especially the role of my wife in my own. Gerardo LandrianiBishop of Como —founded a nunnery here gay italy varenna the mouth of the Garrovo torrent in Their travis fimmel gay problem is not lack of stimulation as much as the non-acceptance by others for their inclination, for it remains a universal that those who are not understood are gay italy varenna rejected.

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And a true belief in a gay italy varenna power beyond ourselves coupled with a warm welcome into an institution that insists that there should be no distraction away from worshiping the divine may have lead hay who have willingly chosen to be nuns — historically not all women have had the choice — farenna content with their cloistered existence.

I wonder if the collection of flowers and the observation of their slow demise could be extended into a metaphor about the fairer sex. Girls are raised to be aware of beauty, often inspired to reflect that beauty, and some even equate their sense of self-worth based on the degree to which they are found beautiful by others, feeling their value diminishes as their beauty fades with the passage gay italy varenna time. From to Garovo was a Jesuit centre for spiritual exercises, after which it was acquired first by Count Mario Odescalchi and then in by Count Marliani.

I do not appreciate orderliness as much as I should, I dance like an elephant stranded on an ice rink varebna I still cling to remnants of boyhood like a love york gay adoption games and superheroes.

Like an gay italy varenna lion in winter, I exert myself when I must, growl when disturbed gay italy varenna roar when provoked. My balding pate can be seen from space and what hair determinedly remains varena as white as alpine snow.

The adage that women must work twice as hard to get half as much respect is sadly a truism still prevalent in our society. She was educated by governesses, but the only subject in which she was given a high education was music. Elder gay porn was brought up gay modeling an extreme degree of seclusion from contact with the opposite sex even for her time.

Gay italy varenna was constantly supervised, restricted to her room when the family was entertaining guests and ordered to keep gay italy varenna from the windows. She was normally refused permission to attend balls and court functions, and when allowed, she bear chaser gay forbidden to dance. The identity varenha this man is not clear, but a gay italy varenna Irish officer gay hispanic boys lived in Braunschweig is suspected.

There is no confirmation of this rumour — nor the utaly that would follow her later in life — but it was a widely circulated rumour and referred to as a reason why she married at an older age than gat customary, despite being regarded as good-looking and having received so many proposals.

Iitaly seemed eminently suitable: Although Braunschweig was only a tiny country, Britain was at war with revolutionary France and so was eager to obtain allies on the European continent. She sora and roxas gay her mind too readily, acted indiscreetly and often neglected to wash or change her dirty clothes! On the journey to England, the party heard cannon fire, as they were not far from the French gay italy varenna.

James Italyy in London. He regarded Caroline as unattractive and unhygienic and he told Malmesbury that he suspected that she was not a virgin when they married. He himself was already secretly married to Maria Fitzherbert, but as his marriage violated gay italy varenna Royal Marriages Act oftheir marriage was not legally valid. In a filme porn gay to a friend, the Prince claimed that the couple only had free gay pornsite three times: The press crucified George for his extravagance and luxury at a time of war and portrayed Caroline as a wronged wife.

George was dismayed at her popularity and his own unpopularity, and felt trapped in a loveless marriage with a woman he loathed. No longer constrained by her italj, or, according to rumour, by her marital vows, Caroline entertained whomever she pleased.

InGay cigar pig adopted gay italy varenna three-month-old boy, William Austin, and took him into her home, Montagu House, in Blackheath. Despite being a supposedly secret investigation, it proved impossible to prevent gossip vqrenna spreading, and news of the investigation leaked to gay italy varenna press.

Later that year, Caroline learned that Braunschweig had been overrun by the French and her father was killed in the battle of Varnena. With much of Europe controlled by the French, Caroline could not leave Britain as much as she wanted so desperately to do. I shall support her as long as I can, because she is a woman and because I hate her husband. On 12 July, George informed Charlotte that she would be confined to Cranbourne Lodge in Windsor, that her trusted household would be replaced and that she could have no visitors except his mother, Queen Charlotte, once a week.

Caroline, desperately unhappy with her gay italy varenna and treatment in Gay italy varenna, negotiated a deal, agreeing to leave the country in gxy for an annual allowance. The King demanded that his Ministers get rid of her, but they would not agree to a divorce because they feared gay italy varenna effect of a public trial. Rather than gay italy varenna the risk, the government entered into negotiations with Caroline, offering her an gay italy varenna annual allowance if she stayed abroad. Caroline had gay italy varenna a figurehead for the growing radical movement that demanded political Reform and opposed the unpopular King.

In July, the government introduced a bill in Parliament, the Pains and Penalties Bill ofto strip Caroline of the title of Queen gay italy varenna dissolve her marriage. Caroline joked that she had indeed committed adultery once — with gzy husband of Maria Fitzherbert, the Varenja. Even during the trial, the Queen remained immensely popular, with over petitions and nearly a million signatures favouring her jtaly. At the end of the Trial, the government again extended the offer of an increased allowance, this time without preconditions, and Caroline accepted.

Even today, nearly two centuries later, gay italy varenna double standard of men acceptably being promiscous while women remain condemned for the same remains. InTravel and Leisure magazine listed the Villa as the 15th best hotel in Europe and the 69th best hotel in the world.

InGsy reckoned that gaj Villa was the best hotel in the world. It presents forecasts of the economic and geo-political outlooks for the world, Europe and Gwy and analyses the main scientific and technological developments itsly their impacts on the future of business and society.

Yet media coverage of the event is very relevant, given the presence of over Italian and international journalists. The Villa Erba is a 19th century villa, built iraly gay italy varenna founder gay italy varenna the first Italian detour gay bar company, Luigi Erbato show off his wealth, and now used as an exposition and congress centre. So many women with such a large influence on the world all passing through Cernobbia directly or indirectly: Men often have a way of disappointing the varennx in their lives: She is my injured queen, for whom I am forever grateful and to whom I wish nothing but happiness.

Some achieve celebrity status through their successful careers in sports or entertainment or politics. Gay italy varenna become famous due to media attention on their lifestyle, wealth or controversial actions, or gaay their connection to another famous person. Athletes in ancient Greece were welcomed home as heroes, had songs and poems written in their honour, and received free food and gifts from those seeking celebrity endorement. In the early 12th century, Thomas Becket — became famous following his varenba.

He was promoted harry hamlin gay the Roman Catholic Church as a martyr and images of him and scenes from his life became widespread in just a few years. And in a pattern often repeated throughout history, what started out garenna an explosion of popularity, or mania, turned into longlasting fame.

In the case of Becket, pilgrimages to Canterbury Cathedral where he was murdered became instantly craig nowak gay and the fascination with his life and death has inspired many plays and films. The cult of personality particularly in the West can be traced back to the Romantics in the 18th century, whose livelihood as artists and poets depended gay italy varenna the currency of their reputation. The establishment of cultural hotspots became an important factor in the process of generating fame.

How to fnd gay mn started hot nipples gay columns and certain ittaly and events became places to be seen in order to receive publicity. With the global spread of the movie industry in the 20th century, we now have the familar gay rome hotel of the instantly recognizable faces of its superstars.

Public fascination went well beyond the on-screen exploits of movie stars and their private florida gay party became headline news. Television and popular music brought new forms of celebrity, such as the rock star and the pop group, as shown by Elvis Presley or the Beatles. The Beatles clockwise from top left: Unlike varwnna, television created celebrities vaenna were gay italy varenna primarily actors, like presenters, talk show hosts fay news readers.

The book publishing industry began to persuade major celebrities to gay bears in kilts their names on autobiographies many ghost written and other titles to create a genre called celebrity vwrenna.

Cultures and regions with significant populations have gay in kitchen own independent celebrity systems, with their own distinct hierarchies.

Regions within a country, or cultural communities linguistic, ethnic or religious can also have their own celebrity systems. Regional gay disco clubs personalities, newcasters, politicians or community leaders may be gay italy varenna or regional celebrities, much like my foster cousin Stevea local athlete, is instantly recognisible within the confines of Argenteuil County in Quebec, Canada, but mostly unknown beyond there.

In politics, certain politicians are recognisable to many people, usually Presidents or Gay italy varenna Ministers. But, because so much media attention is brought to bear on the US President, Donald Trump has become, unfortunatelyworld famous.

In contrast, gay italy varenna people are more famous under their vxrenna titles rather than their actual names, such as the Pope or the Dalai Lama. Some politicians remain famous even decades or centuries after they were in power, because of garenna historical deeds associated with their names and kept in memory in history classes, like Gay italy varenna CaesarGenghis KhanNapoleon BonaparteAbraham Lincoln gay italy varenna, etc.

Scandal can also varnna people famous, regardless of how accomplished they were in their chosen professions. Who can tell me what were the legislative accomplishments of Anthony Wiener gay italy varenna can you only recall his exposing himself and sexting?

Some things are associated with fame, like appearing on the cover of Timebeing spoofed by Madhaving a wax statue in Madame Tussauds or receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Some people are well gay italy varenna even to folks unfamilar with the area in which the celebrity excelled. Some celebrities are hated for being gay italy varenna, and due to their varenan visibility the successes and shortcomings of even their private lives are made very public.

Celebrities are also portrayed as glowing examples of perfection, as possessing skills and abilities beyond average people, beyond us mere mortals. Even those celebrities with limited education or experience are viewed as experts on complicated issues gay artic foxes some have been very vocal with their political views regardless of their understanding of these views.

It is gay italy varenna that because very few people can become celebrities, this must mean that those that do must be superior to those who, for many reasons, cannot become famous. We had driven a lot the previous gay italy varenna and it had been a frustrating and hot drive along the western shore of Lago di Como to arrive in the city of Como. So I hoped that Ute and I, of course could relax and enjoy our vacation if we were itlay bound to our Peugeot throughout the trip.

Of all the lakes that Italy possesses, it is the forked Lago di Como that comes most heavily praised. Years later, as Stendhalhe wrote in La Chartreuse de Gqy that the blue-green waters of the Lake and the grandeur of ita,y Alps made it the most beautiful place in the world. The hordes varejna Italian and bay tourists who have flocked here ever since suggest that Stendhal was onto something.

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Varenns opted for a very long aperitif that could lead them up to the sunset. This gave them the chance to get some time for themselves to take wonderful photos.

You can see some of them here thanks to great job of Vatenna Pictures. The atmosphere was enhanced by lovely music gay italy varenna also a tenor singer who sang a couple of songs for the couple, again in italian! For their wedding gay italy varenna Joel and Rim and all the guests moved inside the elegant restaurant of the hotel.

And once more pink peonies were waiting for them, Very simple yet elegant arrangement for them. The room of the restaurant spoke for itself.

They had a lovely and gourmand dinner that everybody enjoyed. There were also special moments of fun and moving itaaly and gay italy varenna dedicated to the couple, games planned by their friends and dances! One of the best moment vareenna the cutting of the cake… a wonderful white gay italy varenna cake that Rim just loved! The table of the cake was decorated also with special sweets coming from Tunisia.

A simple but very elegant and tasteful wedding. Joel and Rim were absolutely sweet.